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Guidelines to Laser Marking Machines

Laser making is a great technology that is used in labeling and marking a different variety of materials using the laser beam. There are various kinds of laser marking methods. They include annealing, staining, foaming engraving, and foaming. The favorite method that is applied to these materials relates to the quality of finish that is required and the material. The different materials that are used for laser marking include laminates, plastics (ABS and polycarbonate) foils, and also metals including titanium, gold, silver, bronze, platinum, copper, and stainless steel.

Laser marking is an extensive application that is ideal for labeling products to provide essential consumer information. This can include the price of the product and other crucial details. For these markings to be made special marking machine is needed. There are various types of laser marking machines available in the market that you can choose for your use. The following are the main types of laser marking machines that you can opt for.

Engraving. With the laser engraving machine, it is designed such that it heats the top surface of the material being used, it is slowly melted and evaporated. This is a great way of removing material using the laser beam. When the top material is removed, then it leaves a clear impression for the preferred text, design, logo, and other different marks. Then we have the removal. When you are using the laser removing process then the topmost layer is removed through the laser beam, so that contrast is created all over the various layers of the material being used. Some of the best materials that can be used with this technique include coated metals, laminates, anodized aluminum, and foils.

The next option is annealing marking. This option is a special technique that is used in the process of etching and also a wide range of metals. This is through the use of a laser beam on the metal surface, an oxidation process is used which leads to the change of color in the various layers of the metal material that is used.
There is also the fiber machine. This is the most common one and you can find it in various industries. It is used in many applications including, medical devices. If you have any medical device that requires sterilization, this type of machine is used to place identification marks and they can withstand high temperatures. This machine is also used in jewelry engraving. These units are highly precise, these machines are ideal in personalizing jewelry including the wedding bands and other types of pieces that might be needed. This machine is also used for laser cutting. Here you use the machine to create name monograms and cutout. You can use this unit to make unique design cutouts.

There are various reasons to consider this laser marking technique. The first advantage is that they are easy to use. When you are using this type of materials you don’t need a lot of training for you to understand how this laser marking technique works. You just need to follow the manual and then learn you can follow their working model.

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